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Spray Paint Guide - Montana Caps and Nozzles

This short guide to caps and nozzles has been developed by the experts here at Fat Buddha Store to demonstrate the various ways you can use Montana spray paints. From creating ultra-thin lines and intricate details, to covering large areas with a single stroke, each cap comes with its own unique properties. 

Please note, the thickness of a line emitted from any of the caps below will vary depending on your distance from the target surface. This is due to the cone shape of the can head, and means that the closer you are stood, the finer your line will be, and vice versa. This is 

The following list covers the entire range of Montana caps, starting from skinniest and progressing through to the thickest.

1. The level 1 cap is Montana's skinniest producing an average spray width of 0.4 -1.5cm (0.15" to 0.6"). It is usually used for thin and clean details when it comes to graffiti but is also very effective for hard to reach areas in craft projects.

2. The level 2 cap produces an average spray width of 0.6 - 2.5cm (0.25" to 1") depending on distance from subject. Great for details and painting smaller craft objects likes mugs or jars.

Tips: As well as varying degrees of widths, each cap has a different spread that means the output can either be clean or soft. A clean cap will emit a close to solid line where as a soft cap will produce a fuzzier line.

3. The level 3 cap emits an average spray width of 1 - 4cm (0.4" to 1.6") but with a softer edge so not recommended for fine details.

4. The level 4 cap produces a soft fat line with an average spray width of 3 -10cm (1.2" to 4"). The cap is suited to filling in medium to large areas or painting entire objects like bike frames or large vases for example.

5. The level 5 cap is wide and fat and produces an average spray width of 4 -15cm (1.6" to 6"). Again, this is mostly used for large murals and fills due to its wide coverage.

6. The Level 6 Cap is an ultra-wide fat cap producing an ultra-wide average spray width of 5 - 25cm (2.0" to 10"). Suited to filling in massive areas or covering large objects.

7. The Needle Cap is an effect cap with an average spray width of 0.4 - 1.2 cm (0.2" to 0.5"). It is similar to the Standard Cap in the way that it produces fine but dirty lines.

8. The NYC fat cap is one of the most recognisable and historic caps in the Montana range, as it has been used since the 70s and produces a classic fat line with super clean edges and a very even circular spray pattern.

9. The standard cap is a classic skinny cap with an average spray width of ca. 1.2cm (0.4"). Due to its hard and scruffy outcome the lines produce a nice "old school" look.

10. The Montana Ultra liner cap offers a new face for your ultra-wide needs. Able to reach those hard to reach places, when placed on a Montana Ultra-wide can, there is a potential spray height of 3-4m. The Ultra Liner cap has a round, rough, fire extinguisher-like output that varies from 5 to 10cms in width.