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Sakura Of America

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Sakura Of America have been making stuff since 1921, their product came through a lack of any other product in the market they created the first ever oil pastel in 1924 and the rest is History.

Sakura are specialists in Ink technology and are the industries leading marking specialists, anything you want permanently marked then Sakura have a product for you. The breakthrough came with the discovery of how to reduce the pigment particles to submicron size so that the inks flow evenly through even the narrowest of pen nibs.

Sakura make the Solid Paint pen, great idea, it is solidified paint in a pen, like a big lipstick, but it can write through ink and grease and great for many industrial applications

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The guys at Sakura were disappointed that the traditional crayon colors didn't mix or overlay well and they needed a better product, the innovative and crazy founders of Sakura started the process and began to experiment with different formulations and compounds to create an ideal and revolutionery stick drawing material.
By 1924, Sakura was well established and way ahead of the time, they invented the first-ever oil pastel that combined oil and pigment, at the time a revolution and named it unoroiginally Cray-Pas, a combination of the two words, not so inventive with the name crayon and pastel.

The company has a long heritage in art materials and this led to a development of a specialised and new ink technology, Pigma ink, which is used in our new Micron, Graphic and Brush pens. In the early 80's, Sakura's labs identified the need for an new and inexpensive drafting tool
that used superior pigment instead of low-grade cheap and nasty dye inks. The breakthrough came when they discovered how to reduce the pigment
particles to the tiny submicron size so that the new ink flows evenly through even the absolute tiniest of pen nibs. Today, Pigma ink still continues to be the most used and reliable archival quality ink acailable on the market place and is loyally used by all the best architects, rockin scientists, cool artists, wacky cartoonists, and scrapbookers, to name more than a few.

In 1984, Sakura done what it does best and surprised the stagnant pen industry with its new technological breakthrough with the invention of the worlds first gel-based ink.

The Sakura research team had spent many years messing about and trying different ink and ingredients, developing and continuallytesting new prototypes, but nothing would meet the benchmark Sakura quality and top performance standards. Despite many failures, the workaholic and
inventive team finally hit a bing eureka light bulb moment, discovering a new ingredient in a magazine chemical trade publication which they tested and as it happened it turned out to be ingredient and working answer to creating the worlds most perfect gel ink. In recognition
of Sakura's amazing success in developing the first world ink gel pen, Japan's legendary patent office awarded the team at Sakura with the coveted and most sought after prestigious Inventors Award in 2000, this achievement has spurred the Sakura team on.

Sakura's continued pushing of the envelope has led to recent innovations with dimensional inks with a new Glaze® in 2003 and legendary Souffle in 2005. The inks write with a slightly raised effect which is very similar to embossing without the need to have heat tools or powders.
The 3-D inks can write on many different multiple surfaces such as paper, glass, ceramics, metals & plastics. This new feature makes the cool Glaze and Souffle the most popular for decorating cell phones & MP3 players.

Sakura of America is solely dedicated to the continued and ongoing development and new efficient delivery of the most technologically superior, innovative and always safe products.