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How to Use:
Montana crackle effect spray

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Using a Montana Crackle Effect paint is a fantastic way to add a touch of flair to your home décor and art projects. Whether you’re upcycling a set of dining chairs, adding a bit of style to a piece of wall art, creating a unique desk accessory or bringing new life to a chest of drawers, crackle effect paint is a simple, stylish way to make an impact.

Once you know how to use crackle effect paint, you’ll be able to adapt it for all sorts of projects including arts, crafts and upcycling. The finished look is superb, and the amount of crackle can be easily adjusted to get exactly the right effect whatever you want to paint.

If you’d like to use Montana Crackle Effect on your next project, we’ve put together this guide to help you get the best results.

Perfect preperations

Just like with any paint project, preparation is king. Make sure that the surface you want to paint is clean and dry, and free from any dust, oil or rust that might interfere with the process. While you might be excited to start painting right away, spending a bit of time at the preparation stage is worthwhile; helping you to achieve the best finish for your project.

Once your object is clean and ready for painting, make sure that any other surfaces close by are protected from over spray - mist can often travel further than you think. It’s also a good idea to tape or cover any parts of your object that you don’t want to paint. It’s advisable to work in a well ventilated area, and worth noting that Montana Crackle Effect paint works best when used in environments with a temperature ranging between +10°c and +25°c.

apply your base layer

Before using the Crackle Effect spray, you first need to apply a coat of paint that will act as the under layer. This is the colour that will show through to cracks and crackles once the top layer is applied. You might want to go for a strong contrast to really make those crackles pop, or prefer a more complementary shade for a subtler crackled look. You can even use more than one colour if you’d like different hues to show through the crackles on the surface of your object. For example you might want to achieve a transition from light to dark, or use different colours completely for various parts of a piece of furniture.

Montana Crackle Effect can be used on top of Montana Gold or Montana White spray paints, although not in combination with chrome effect sprays. It’s necessary to paint your object first with a base layer in order for the crackle effect to work correctly. Luckily there are a huge range of colours in the Gold and White series of paints so you won’t have trouble finding what you need.

Once you’ve applied your base coat, leave your painted object to dry for at least 45 minutes, but no longer than 24 hours. Then when you’re ready it’s time to move on to applying the Crackle Effect.

creating a crackle effect

When it comes to applying your crackle effect, first of all give your can a good shake, for at least 2-3 minutes. Holding the can upside down while you’re shaking can help to make sure the paint inside is well mixed. Once shaken, remove the safety ring from the can, if it’s the first time you’re using it. As with other Montana spray paints, the safety ring can be found by removing the nozzle and inverting the can - the ring will then simply fall out.

Apply the Crackle Effect paint to your object, holding the can between 15cm and 20cm from the surface. For best results, it’s advised to apply 2 or 3 even layers, working in a consistent movement across the surface. Once the surface has been fully coated with the paint, it’s time for the crackle effect to start working its magic.

It’s good to know that Montana’s Crackle Effect paint is reasonably fast drying. After around 10 minutes the surface should be dust dry, and dry to the touch after about an hour. The paint won’t be fully cured for 24 hours though, so it’s recommended to leave your object where it is for a day after applying the paint if possible.

how to achieve different crackle effects

One of the nice things about Montana Crackle Effect spray paint is that you can adjust the look of the effect to suit your project.

For fine crackles apply thin coats of the effect spray, or for heavier crackles in the surface apply a thicker coat. It might be worth experimenting with some scrap material before painting your chosen object so that you can figure out the level of crackle you want, and how thick a layer of the spray to apply.

You can also increase the intensity of the crackle effect by applying a second coat once the first coat is touch dry. This isn’t usually necessary, but can be used to add extra crackles to the surface for a more dramatic look.

safety, storage & disposal

Always follow the safety instructions detailed on the product. Work in a well-ventilated area and wear a mask and gloves to protect your skin and airways.

Store cans with a nozzle on and avoid extreme fluctuations in temperature. Dispose of empty canisters responsibly and in line with your local recycling guidelines.