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How to Use:
Montana glass spray paint

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Montana Glass Paint is a 9-colour range of spray paints suitable for glass surfaces and is part of the range of Montana Effect Sprays that can be used to achieve great results on a wide range of projects. Offering a gorgeous frosted matte finish, some of the shades available in the Montana Glass spray paint range include Almond, Bay Blue, and Mint - among others!

The spray paint is fast-drying, meaning you have minimal waiting time during your upcycling projects. Thanks to a unique formula that guarantees strong adhesion, the Montana Glass Paint offers you longevity and durability with every project. As the paint dries to a semi-transparent consistency, you'll be left still able to enjoy the light filtering through the glass while seeing vivid colour at the same time. Montana Glass Spray Paint shades are all weather-resistant as well, meaning your projects will be protected against the batterings of the elements.

To help you get the best results using Montana Glass Spray Paint, let’s take a look at a few important steps to follow.

Prepare Your glass Surface

Firstly, you want to prepare your glass surface. Make sure it's free of any dust, dirt, streaks, oils, or grease to ensure a smooth covering free of inconsistency. It’s worth taking the time to get your surface as clean as possible before applying the paint to get a flawless and long-lasting finish. If you need to clean the surface with water, soap or rubbing alcohol, make sure it’s completely dry before you apply the paint.

Shake your can

Once your surface is prepared, shake the can well for 3 minutes. This is to guarantee all the formula is mixed together following a period of sitting in the can. It’s vital that the paint is well mixed so that you’re able to get a good finish with consistent colouring throughout, as sometimes paint pigment can settle.

If it’s the first time you’ve used the can, take off the nozzle and remove the plastic safety ring before use. If you’d like to check the colour and finish is right for your project, test the compatibility of the spray paint on either a non-visible area or an off-cut of your surface, if possible.

Apply the paint to the glass

Begin applying your first coat of Montana Glass Spray Paint. The ideal spraying distance for perfect glass frosting is 20-30cm away. Ensure you spread evenly throughout your coverage, covering corners and missing no gaps.

Leave to cure

Depending on the humidity and overall temperature of the area, your glass surface should be touch dry within an area, and dust-dry in as little as 5 minutes. The spray paint will be completely cured and hardened in just 24 hours.

If you want a thicker coating you can simply add more coats of Montana Glass Paint after a few minutes. Just remember that each coat will reduce the amount of light that’s able to pass through the glass, and create a more solid looking finish.

Use Montana Glass Paint For Your Next Project

And there you have it! Montana Glass Spray Paints are quick and easy to use, with a stunning long-lasting coverage that can transform any glass object.

Why not try spray painting glass jewellery or old jars to upcycle them into something classy and new? Use on the underside of a glass coffee or dining table to create a unique piece of furniture. Or even apply to windows as a way to enhance privacy, or display a logo or pattern. You can also combine glass paint with other products from the Montana Spray Paint range to create unique effects, finished and colour combinations for your project.