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How To Use:
Montana Metallic
Effect Spray Paint

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Using Montana Metallic Effect spray paint is a fantastic way to add sheen, luxe and colour to many objects. You’ll find traditional metal colours, like gold, silver and titanium, as well as creative options such as ice blue, avocado green, vivid red or soft rose.

The metallic effect can be used on a wide range of surfaces including paper, canvas, wood, metal, glass and ceramic. Metallic spray paint is a specialist product and needs a bit of care to get the best results, so here are our top tips for using Montana Metallic spray paint.

Prepare Your Workspace

Good metallic paints can be used on indoor or outdoor surfaces. The key to success is preparation. It’s important to protect the rest of the area you’re working in – the spray nozzle will do exactly what it’s supposed to do, so if you’ve not taken precautions, you’ll be finding flecks of paint where you may not want them. If you’re working indoors, be sure to cover the surrounding area with a non-porous material. If you’re working on a small object, cover the work surface, and try to work in a dedicated area.

Prepare Your Object

The smoother the surface, the better the finish. For some items, particularly wood or older objects that may already have a painted finish, the best way to ensure a super smooth substrate is to sand the surface you want to paint using sandpaper.

If you are painting on a more complex surface, particularly one that is porous like canvas, you may want to use a spray primer which helps your paint stick evenly to the surface to ensure the very best finish.

Shake And Distance

Once you’ve prepared your surface, it’s time to paint. On first use it will be necessary to remove the safety ring, which is easily removed by lifting the nozzle and inverting the can. Next, give the can a good shake for around three minutes, and begin to spray. 

You should aim to work at a distance of 15-20 cm from the surface you are painting and shake the can after every break in application.

Build Up Gradually

It’s best to apply metallic spray paint in thin layers. The first coat should be light enough to see the object surface. Allow this to dry for about ten minutes before applying the second coat. In most cases this second coat will be your final finish, so it needs to be heavier. 

You are aiming for the surface of the object to be glossy. If there are drips, you have applied too much and you may need to start again. If the object looks dry, you have applied too little, so just apply a bit more. 

If the object you are painting is a lot darker than the paint, you may need to apply further layers to get the finish you want. It’s generally preferable to apply a greater number of thinner layers than fewer heavy layers to get the best finish.

Leave To Dry

Drying time is affected by temperature. Assuming a temperature of 20°c, metallic paint will be dust dry after about ten minutes, touch dry after around 20 minutes and completely dry after 24 hours.

Add Varnish For Extra Protection

Montana metallic effect paint dries to a semi-gloss finish that is durable and hard wearing. However, if you wish to use a varnish to create an even better protected scratch and weatherproof surface, it’s important that the paint has had the full 24 hours drying time before this seal is applied. 

Using a varnish protects the surface and ensures your completed project stays looking great for a long time.