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How to Use:
Montana Vintage Filter Effect

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If you’re looking for the easiest way to create a stylish, vintage effect, here is your introduction to Montana Vintage Filter effect spray paint. While it may have originated in the past, this look has quickly found its way back to the present as we attempt to recreate the stunning vintage flair of objects that have been around for years. The Montana Vintage effect spray paint is ideal for first-timers as well as experienced artists. This spray paint is quick-drying and UV-resistant and has been found to have the best results on white or generally lighter colours. You can also spray your black and white photos for a creative vintage look.

We’re eager for you to see the best possible results, so here is a step by step guide to how it should be used.

Prepare Your Surface

Make sure surfaces are clean and dry. And double-check that the spray is sufficient for your chosen area, as it doesn’t work on everything. This product works on paints, prints, furniture, photos, and other rough and smooth substrates. If you are applying to surfaces other than papers or fabrics, and particularly for darker coloured non-porous items, you may wish to first use Montana primer and then paint the surface with another Montana colour before adding the vintage effect. You should also consider the size of the area you’re looking to cover, as a classic 400ml can of Montana paint covers approximately 8-10 square feet, so make sure you’ve got enough in stock. There’s nothing worse than running out of paint halfway through a project, so it’s better that this is avoided.

Prepare The Spray

Turn the can upside down and remove the nozzle until the safety ring falls out. Then, shake the can for two to three minutes. We know this can be tedious, but by skipping this step, you risk ending up with a poor result and a blotchy finish, which can be deeply disappointing. For the sake of a few minutes, this can definitely be avoided.

Protect Yourself

Protect yourself! Rubber gloves are great if you want to avoid staining your hands, as spray paint can prove to be particularly viscous, especially when it gets under your nails. We also recommend wearing old clothes, as paint can lead to extremely frustrating stains. There’s no harm in wearing goggles, as spray paint contains multiple chemicals that can cause disastrous effects if they get into your eyes. It’s also worth thinking about your environment and if you’re painting indoors, make sure the space is well ventilated.

Apply The Spray

First, make sure to protect the surroundings and the object in particular from spray mist while you apply the sprays. When it comes to applying the filter, it’s important to make sure your technique is correct. The surface should be sprayed from at least 20cm away for the best results.

A good tip: don’t just point and shoot, it’s better to go horizontally or vertically across the area. You can adjust the Flat Jet Medium cap depending on whether you want the spray to be horizontal or vertical when applied. Remember, the closer you are, thinner your lines will be, so you could consider the kind of look you’re going for before you start. It’s also best to apply the filter in 2 to 3 even coats, building up the effect a little more each time until you get the look you want.

Finishing Touches

Admire your handiwork! For an even more finished look, we recommend combining Montana Vintage Effect Spray with Montana Varnish for lasting protection once the area has been fully cured.

The vintage effect also works well with other products from the Montana range, including Montana Gold spray paint and Montana Black paint, allowing you to add a superb retro touch to your work.

Buy Montana Vintage Filter Effect