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Red Wing
Heritage Women’s
Model Guide

With a range of some of the most popular women’s boots in history, Red Wing’s heritage when it comes to the quality and durability of their women’s boots is unrivalled.
21 years after the company started making their famous boots for workers in demanding roles, Red Wing produced their first ever women’s boot in 1926, named ‘The Red Wing Gloria’. Recognising the efforts put into the outdoor activities held by women such as camping and hunting, Red Wing’s founder Charles Beckman designed the boot to be durable and long-lasting for the women participating in such outdoor activities to provide them with a shoe with substantial durability like no other. 

Since the first boot was released, Red Wing have designed over 30 different styles and colours of women’s boots that still prove popular today. From the family who founded the company, Allison Gettings - the fourth generation Red Wing director - relaunched a collection in 2016 dedicated to women, as well as opening the world’s first women’s Red Wing store in Berlin. Ever since, she has worked to create boots for women, as well as men, that are crafted for all types of feet and lifestyles.

With their hard-wearing construction, and the right care for your Red Wing boots, a pair of Red Wings can last you a lifetime. With a variety of styles and colours to choose from, all made from Red Wing’s premium grade leathers, which Red Wing boots will you choose to last your lifetime?

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The Red Wing 6 Inch Moc Toe Boot

The classic 6 inch Moc Toe Boot, originally made in 1952, is classed as one of Red Wing’s most popular shoes, with women across the years wearing it for all-day comfort in their working lifestyles. Fully tailored for women, the boot is easily distinguishable with it’s soft leather and a polyurethane traction tred outsole for contentment throughout the day and a faster break-in, as the footwear molds to your feet, creating a boot that is personalised to you. 

The Red Wing 6 Inch Moc Toe comes in a wide variety of leather styles and colours to choose from, such as the staple Black Boundary Leather, Oro Legacy Leather, Olive Mohave Leather, Indigo Legacy Leather, Colorado Atanado Leather, Olive Mohave Leather, Granite Boundary Leather and many more to cater for your preference.

The Red Wing Silversmith Boot

The Silversmith boot proves most popular for women looking for a trendier look, with an extended leather height and lace ups that style wonderfully. The boot was originally created for farm and blacksmith workers, but women today wear the boot with elegance for almost any occasion. With a fully resoleable boot, and Puritan triple-stitch construction, the Silversmith ensures an all-season wear. 

The 7-inch boot built with premium Red Wing Leather, comes in a range of different styles and colours including Copper Rough & Tough Leather, and Black Boundary Leather.

The Red Wing Iron Ranger Boot

The classic Iron Ranger, redesigned by women for women, is another staple of Red Wing’s collection. While the boot was originally crafted for workers in the iron mines in the 1920s, it is popular today for its easy break-in soft full grain leather, enhancing the durability for women looking for a more personalised fit. The signature toe cap and brass speed hooks complete the classic design of the rugged yet stylish look.

The Red Wing Iron Ranger comes available in multiple different leather styles and colours, including Black Boundary Leather, Honey Chinook Leather, Sand Mohave Leather, and Amber Harness Leather.

The Red Wing Clara Boot

The Clara ankle boot is one for all seasons, with a striking lace up front and a Vibram rubber outsole to protect your feet throughout the cold and hot months. For more of a modern-day look, the 7.5inch boot is crafted with a tapered round toe for a pleasurable fit, and is built with a resoleable Goodyear welt and durable Puritan triple-stitch construction to finish off the stylish boot. 

The Red Wing Clara comes in a range of styles and colours, including the Black Boundary Leather, Ora Legacy Leather, Amber Harness Leather, and Pewter Acampo Leather to fulfil your desired look.

The Red Wing 6 Inch Chelsea Boot

The 6-inch Chelsea boot is another versatile model that can be worn throughout the different seasons, to go with almost any outfit. The slip-on design makes it an easy go-to for your everyday errands, even in the wet weather with it’s grippy rubber outsole. Made from Red Wing’s premium Leather, the Chelsea style is one that is not only convenient with it’s resoleable three-quarter Goodyear welt, but also extremely comfortable for those heading out for the day. 

The Red Wing Chelsea comes in various styles and colour ways such as Black Boundary Leather, Indigo Legacy Leather, and Pecan Boundary Leather to finish off any stylish outfit.

The Red Wing Gloria Boot

Red Wing’s first ever women’s boot, originally designed in the 1920s, was the Gloria boot. The classic boot was one to remember from Red Wing’s collection, and has now been updated for a more modern look and feel. The Tribute boot stands at a striking 15.5inches with carefully crafted hand detailing, a stacked leather heel, and finishes off with a lace-up style to complete the modern boot. Having been originally created for outdoor activities such as camping and hunting, the Gloria today still stands up as one of the most durable boots in the collection to carry on the legacy. 

The famous boot comes in a selection of styles and colours to choose from, including Black Boundary Leather, and Mahogany Original Leather to complete the updated fit for women.

The Red Wing 8 Inch Winter Moc Toe Boot

Heading back to 1952, the 8-inch Classic Moc was created and it is now one of the most well-known boots in the Red Wing Heritage collection. Although it was originally made for sportsmen, many farm and factory workers quickly became fond of the boot and the all-day comfort that it provided. The modern day boot today, built with the same quality as the 1952 original, is redesigned with softer leather and a polyurethane Traction Tred outsole to gain a faster break-in and long lasting comfort.

The iconic boot has been redesigned in the Oro Legacy Leather to give it a contemporary yet heritage inspired look to match with any outfit for any time of year.

The Red Wing Gracie Boot

As the original Gloria boot proved to be so popular, the Gracie boot was designed to carry on the legacy. With an 8-inch lace up style to make that bold statement, the boot can be worn for any occasion and definitely wears to impress. The boot’s leather silhouette is made from Puritan triple-stretch construction, finished off by solid brass eyelets and speed hooks to give it the durable quality that can be worn day in, day out. 

The model comes in two iconic styles and colours including Black Boundary Leather and Pecan Boundary Leather to carry on the gift of the classic Gloria style.

The Red Wing Classic Engineer Boot

Deep from within the roots of Red Wing, the Classic Engineer is another everyday favourite for women looking for an easy wearing boot. With Leather straps and brass buckles, the model is a convenient pull-on style that makes any day easier for women with busy lifestyles. Originally produced in the first half of the 20th century, engineers working on railroads made the most out of the durable boot, and today it is made with the same quality for a long lasting wear. Made from soft leather, the boot has the same qualities as the original to give it the same rugged feel and all day feeling of comfort.

The legendary boot comes in two styles of leather and colours, being the Black Boundary Leather, and the Copper Rough & Tough Leather to create a well-built but stylish look for your everyday life.

The Red Wing Carol Boot

The Red Wing Carol Boot is a timeless shoe that provides an elegant and feminine look to any outfit. With a low stacked heel, leather sole and premium leather finish, there is no doubt that the Carol will provide a lifetime of comfort and style. The elastic gusset on the side of the boot allows an easy slip on/slip off experience that proves comfortable for any time of year. 

The Carol comes in many leather styles and colours from Black Boundary Leather to Amber Harness Leather for you to choose from, to complete your refined and feminine touch.

The Red Wing Inez Boot

The Inez Boot is another pull-on boot that is built tough whilst still giving off the feminine touch women look for. Inspired by a design originally created for oil field workers, the boot’s 60 millimeter stacked leather heel is capped with rubber so that the boot can be worn in any weather condition, rain or shine. Made with smooth finished leather, the Inez style is beautifully crafted to give an elegant look to any outfit, and is suitable for wear at any time of year thanks to the durability of the boot. 

Available in a range of leather styles and colours, enjoy the Inez boot in Honey Chinook Leather or the Colorado Atanado Leather to complete your outfit in a modern-day style.

Find The Red Wing Boots Of Your Dreams

Whether you need a pair of durable shoes for your hard working lifestyle, or simply want to add a stylish boot to any of your modern-day outfits, the Red Wing Heritage range offers both comfort and style, and is the perfect option for whatever you are looking for.

Since creating their first ever women’s boot in 1926, to the wide range of different leather and colour styles available today, the range of women’s footwear offered by Red Wing has grown vastly over the years. The brand timeline itself shows the process and continuous refinement of the various boots that have been crafted to meet all kinds of demands, particularly in women’s shoes, and it’s almost certain they will continue to grow and prove popular in the generations to come. 

Red Wing’s reputation for creating high quality footwear is truly justified in the boots and the many iconic styles that have been created. With their purpose being to be hard wearing, long lasting and versatile for any season, the ongoing popularity of the brand has proved the quality of the boot’s in itself. As they can be worn for any occasion, and with a variety of the finest leather and colours available, you’re sure to find the perfect pair of Red Wing’s in the current collection.

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